A slight infirmity in the morning

By The General on June 15, 2016
  • A slight infirmity in the morning

    This is me after I got home from the Vet; that's my Mum behind me.

I woke up with a lame leg the other day, wasn't troubling me much, just one of the back ones, but it wouldn't work properly and the boss wouldn't take me on my morning run along the river.

He fusses a bit, if you ask me, but he reckoned I needed to got to the Vet and get checked out. He was mumbling about a cruchet-something - I heard him on the phone - and next thing he had me in the car.

I like the Vets - a few other dogs to sniff and lots of good smells, particularly out the front where the dogs all pee on the plants and you get a feel for who's around. Then he sticks me on the scales where I have to sit still for a sec, but I'm off it straight away and looking around.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the Vet and she started pulling and tugging I made my leg work so she wouldn't find anything wrong and just hung around for those liver treats - they're worth going to the Vets for, just for them.

She gave me a few pills, ant-inflams the boss called them, and I was on a high for the rest of the day, could have nailed that big buck kangaroo that hangs around the bottom paddock.

Personally I reckon it was that rabbit I went up the river bank after the night before, nearly got hold of it but I had to leap over a tree stump on the way up. I like ripping up the river bank, its a good stretch.

He's been trying to keep me quiet but I don't do that. Quiet is not my style. He locked me up for a couple of days so I have to bark a lot, sometimes it drives him mad and he might let me out, or even better give me a bone to chew on.

I don't like it when I'm locked up and my Mum is wandering around - she's got a nasty sense of humour and she'll find a ball and keep running it past my nose on the outside of the dog run, but I can't get at it. She'll do it all day if I keep barking and I have to climb into the kennel to make her go away.

You'd think she'd feel sorry for me, being locked up all day, but she seems to enjoy it. But whenever I get out I soon give her a run for her money, I like to run at her full pelt and knock her over before she can nip me.

The worst thing is the boss takes advantage of the situation and puts me through an extra training session or two, trying to get me to sit and drop on command, or stay lying down while he walks off around the house. He gets grumpy if I stand up so I have to amuse him if I want a treat or a pat, but there you go, it's a dog's life.

The boss has been trying to stop me jumping but I like jumping, I'm an athlete you see, and I reckon I cut a fine figure with a bit of air under me, particularly if my Mum is underneath when I come down. That unsettles her and reminds her I'm bigger than she is - but I have to get away quick or she'll take a bit of fur off me.

By The General on June 15, 2016

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