A Good Flush

By The General on October 09, 2016
  • A Good Flush

    Queenie reckoned I should make her a daisy chain....

Well, it happened and the Boss is happy - a good flush, he called it, with water in most of the billabongs and enough of a flow to clear out the blackwater from the last high river, which had gone filthy already from twenty years of leaf litter.

I don't share his joy, I have to say. There's so much water around the ducks have all spread out, there's no-one fishing to leave dead carp on the bank for me to roll in and he doesn't want me swimming after balls. Reckons I might get my collar caught on a wattle with the current against me and not be able to get out. 

This is him underestimating my superhuman Chessie strength again - I mean, show me a wattle I can't handle. Besides, he could take my collar off and I could demonstrate how any dog worth his salt can swim against the current. Any current. He's a bit of a woos at times, the Boss.

Spring brings out the worst of him too. He whistles to birds when he's taking me for a walk when he ought to be concentrating on watching me splashing through the billabongs and leaping over tree falls in a single bound. A walk is my time, not his.

He thinks he can whistle like a Shrike-Thrush - that's one of his favourites (I can write it but I can't say it very well, my bottom lip gets in the way.) He says the Shrike-Thrush has a rich and sonorous voice, unlike mine. I sing and howl and talk to him but he just screws up his face. 

Anyway, some of these Shrike-Thrushes are stupid enough to whistle back to him and it sets him right off, whistling his way down the track like an idiot. Then he'll call out to Mountain Ducks - he makes a fair version of a Mountain Duck call, I must say - they are even sillier than he is - and they keep circling around thinking he might be one of them. He does walk a bit like a duck, now I think of it, but fortunately he doesn't do that cark-cark-cark the rest of the time.

I hang around the wattles when they come around, just in case one comes down low enough for me to nail it - but they never do. Anyway, now he's on about the frogs - he likes the frogs, even thought the Missus thinks they attract the wriggles. 

He was trying to tell me which are which the other day - reckons he can hear the Spotted Brown Tree Frog, the Common Froglet and the Spotted Marsh Frog, although he could be pulling my leg. 

He's waiting for the Popplebonk, he says - now there's a name - and says his favourite frog call is Peron's Tree Frog, which we often get hanging around the pond up at the house. I'm not allowed in the pond or he whacks me, but I've seen these little frogs - they've got a cross on their eye that looks a bit like a crocodile. The Boss says crocs have one eyelid that goes horizontal and one that goes vertical, keeps the mud out. I wouldn't mind one of each either - might help me sleep better. And I'd scare people more than I do. 

Anyway, the Boss wanted me to post this Youtube clip of our local frog calls, in case you're as batty as he is. Woof.

By The General on October 09, 2016

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