We killed the Flamingo!

By The General on March 23, 2017
  • We killed the Flamingo!

    I knocked that silly grin off its face....

Queenie and I have been putting up with this Flamingo, an interloper, all summer. The Boss's grandkids like playing with it more than they like playing with me.

 You could say I'm jealous, but I've always thought it was too big for its boots.

It's one of those blow-up things the kids can sit on, and paddle around the pool on.

There's also this penguin, which isn't quite as big, but it has a silly grin on its face too.

Anyway, we're not allowed in the pool area because The Boss doesn't want us swimming in it, so we hang around the pool fence and bark a lot to express our displeasure when they're all having fun without us.

Then The Boss gets annoyed and locks us up in our run where we can't see what's going on. We keep barking for a while but it doesn't do much good so we just have to go to sleep.

That's pretty much been the pattern whenever the kids come to visit.

But we knew our chance would come - The Boss left the pool gate open one morning while he was cleaning the pool and got distracted, and in we went. It didn't take us long. Queenie got her teeth around a handle on that pink thing and I saw what she was up to, so I went straight over and helped her drag it out onto the grass.

Then we got right into it, tore it to bits. It made a funny noise as soon as I bit a hole in it - the whole thing collapsed, the silly grin disappeared and we spent the next half-hour dragging it around, stretching it out and playing tug-of-war.

 While we were at it we pulled the penguin out and tore it apart too - you can see it here looking fairly dishevelled at the bottom.

Needless to say, The Boss wasn't happy when he came back and used some of his language uninviting - but hey, it was worth being locked up for the rest of the day! Woof!

By The General on March 23, 2017

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