My Tom Hafey swim

By The General on July 10, 2017
  • My Tom Hafey swim

    My Mum leapt into the icy river, so I had no choice!

Some of my Melbourne mates reckon I have a soft life, living up here on the river - the only joy they have in Melbourne (they say) is watching the owners pick up their poo off the footpath.

But it has its stresses here, I can tell you. Mainly due to my Mum, Queenie, who - as you know already - bites me on the ear and growls at me a lot.

She's on my case, in other words, just because I knock her over when she's not looking and can run a lot faster than her. So she tries to show me up in all sorts of cunning ways and tries to make me look like a sook.

Take these frosty mornings, for instance. I'm quite happy to hang around the kennel for a while longer myself. I'm warm in there and happy to wait until the sun comes to its senses.

That can take a while on these frosty, foggy mornings and that's the time Queenie has to show off. Look at this, for instance - here we are checking out the river level, admiring the mist off the water when, what does she do? She leaps in!

I mean, why would you DO that? The Boss says its because our ancestors were cold-water dogs, helping fishermen pull in their nets off the coast of Newfoundland, then further down in Maryland, around Chesapeake Bay. 

He reckons we've got oily fur just for that reason, not to mention some webbing on our feet - but hey, who cares about that? That's all history. There's no fishing nets to haul in - just freezing cold water.

Then she thinks we should have a good rub down in the frosty grass on the way home.

The Boss says she has the same instincts as good old Tommy Hafey, who used to coach Shepp in the olden days.

When Tommy went to Melbourne to coach Richmond in 1966, he not only turned them into the fittest team in the competition but walked his talk and became famous for plunging into the sea at St Kilda beach, every day of the year.

So she rolls in the frosty grass, right - and I'm supposed to copy her. Which I did - but I picked up the scent of a field mouse and went after it. Funny how you forget about the cold if you're doing something interesting. Woof!
By The General on July 10, 2017

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