Doggies are where the heart is

By The General on October 09, 2017
  • Doggies are where the heart is

    You can see I am barely putting up with this indignity...

The Boss has been testing my patience this last week or two with his post-Grand Final euphoria - you'd think he'd won the lottery, or caught a metre barra. 

Now, I know its been a while since Richmond won the flag - 37 years, The Boss keeps telling me - but who cares? Not me. He's been so absorbed in this stuff he's forgotten me completely.

First of all, he nicked off on the weekend to the footy, and left me here with nothing much to do. As he did the weekend before that, and a couple of weeks before that. He has completely forgotten that the weekend is MY time, not his.

He gets home from the game late - so I miss my walk. The next morning he's watching Outsiders on the telly, instead of taking me for my extended Sunday wander along the river bends. Then he sits down in the afternoon to watch the replay.

And after that, he turns on the radio to listen to ABC Grandstand's re-played call of the game. And on the Monday he's scrambling around looking for a podcast of Gerard Waitley's session on Jon Faine's program.

And he's had that annoying Tigerland song on his phone for weeks, as a ring-tone! I mean. he's just gone silly over it and here he is, dressing me up in a Tiger's scarf as if I'm some sort of vassal, with the sole purpose of amusing him.

You'll remember, of course, that the Doggies are where my affections lie:

Last year's win for the Bulldogs was, of course, a fairy tale - a victory for all Doggies fans with two legs and four. Until then, they had won just one flag, compared to Richmond's ten, so it was pretty special.

And unlike the 37-year drought for Richmond, the Doggies fans had to wait 62 years - the first and last one was in 1954. Last year was justice. A triumph. Things were set to rights.

The Boss reckons the Tigers have a younger team with plenty left in the tank, so they won't fall over like the Doggies did this year.

I guess I'll have to wait until March before Richmond fall back to Number Nine, where they belong - that will wipe the small off his face. Woof!

By The General on October 09, 2017

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